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Conducting an online auction has many benefits and Easy PZ Estate Sales is happy to offer this service to our clients.  Online Auctions have a large reach with many buyers.  They offer a convenient alternative to a traditional estate sale.  Online Auctions work great for clients who may not have parking availability or who may not be able to host a sale.  


The process for an online auction is simple:


The first step in the online auction process is to book a consultation with one of our Online Auction Specialists.  Once a consultation is scheduled, our Online Auction Specialist will come to you and conduct an initial walk-through of the property. We will discuss your expectations, answer your questions, and explain how we can help.  You will be provided with the contact information for your very own personal Online Auction Specialist.  The Online Auction Specialist will serve as your contact going forward and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  

Auction Preview

We highly recommend hosting an Auction Preview Day so potential buyers may get a firsthand look at the items they are bidding on.  This gives buyers a chance to measure items, check for damage, and provide peace of mind before they bid.  Auction Previews are hosted by Easy PZ Estate Sale Auction Specialists.  Our clients don’t have to do a thing.  

Contract and Scheduling

The Online Auction Specialist will provide an estimate and explain the details of the contract.  We will hard schedule dates for your auction and discuss the amount of time we will need to set your online auction up for success.  After the contract is signed and timeframes have been established, the Easy PZ team gets to work!  

The Auction

Easy PZ Auctions use a “soft close” system.  This means that as long as bids continue to come in, the item up for auction will remain open to accept bids.  After the bidding has closed, an invoice will be generated and sent to the winner of each item.  

Auction Setup

Our Auction Team will stage and photograph each item to be featured in the online auction.  Each item will be assigned a “lot” number.  The Auction Team will then upload all of the “lots” into our auction software.  An auction timeframe is established, and a closing day is selected. Easy PZ.  

Auction Pickup Day

Each auction is assigned a “Pickup Day” in which the winning bidders must pick up their items.  Similar to the Auction Preview, an Easy PZ Estate Sale Auction Specialist will host the “Pickup Day”.  Also similar to the Auction Preview, our clients don’t have to do a thing.  Payment will be received within three business days.      

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