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Cleanout & Consignment

So, what happens to the rest of your things that haven’t been sold? Easy PZ Estate Sales has you covered.  We offer optional Cleanout & Consignment services for our clients.   


Following the sale, our Cleanout Specialists divide the property between what can be donated and what must be disposed of.  For items that are donated, a donation report will be provided to our clients.  Depending on what is left after the sale has taken place, our Cleanout Specialist may be able to recommend consigning your remaining items to Easy PZ.  


Consigning items for sale through Easy PZ is a simple process.  Your items will be transferred to the possession of Easy PZ Estate Sales where they will be offered for sale in future estate sales and online auctions.  


After all of the remaining items have been removed from your property, floors will be vacuumed, and surfaces will be wiped down. Additional deep cleaning service is also available.  Easy PZ.

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